Closing a road

You need to apply if you want to close a road on a temporary or permanent basis.

Temporary Road Closure Permit

Use this form for:

  • Temporary road closure in relation to an activity.

We’ll assess the impact on the community, public safety and suitability of traffic control plans.

Gloucester: Activity Application(PDF, 43KB)

Great Lakes: Request for Consent to Carry Out a Section 138 Roads Activity - Hoarding(PDF, 83KB)

Manning Region: Temporary Road Closure Permit(PDF, 750KB)

Closure of a Public Road

As well as being the road authority for all council public roads, we are also responsible for the care and control of many Crown Public roads.

Anyone can apply to have a public road permanently closed.  Agreement of adjoining owners and affected public authorities will be required.

Please contact Council to discuss your proposal. Should you wish to pursue the closure of a Public Road, an application to close and purchase the road can be sent to you by mail or email.