Operational Plans & Fees & Charges

MidCoast Council Fees and Charges

The combined Midcoast Council fees and charges for each of the three Council regions are available in the document below and are in force from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017.

Community Strategic Plan

Our community has helped us in preparing each community plan. The Community Plan describes the key objectives to be achieved into the future.  It addresses our social, environmental and economic needs to help make the MidCoast region more stainable. It is a long-term plan for our community’s future.

Delivery Program

The Delivery Program outlines what Council proposes to achieve towards the strategic objectives within the community Strategic Plan. It translates the community’s strategic goals into actions and identifies how Council will respond to the areas of greatest need by identifying specific tasks and projects.

Operational Plan

Council’s first Operational Plan 2016-17 is composed of the draft operational plans of the three former councils of Gloucester Shire, Greater Taree City and Great Lakes.

The plan ensures our services, infrastructure and projects continue to meet the communities’ needs throughout the MidCoast region.

Long Term Financial Plan