Local Council election: Saturday 9 September


Council elections will be held for MidCoast Council on Saturday 9 September 2017, so make sure you're enrolled to vote!
We're a community of over 90,000, spread over 10,000km2. Our council operates a $320million per year business that looks after 3,200km of roads, 542 bridges and 3,000 hectares of open space. The upcoming election gives you the chance to vote for the councillors who will best represent our region, so make your vote count by checking your enrolment status. The Council will be made up of 11 councillors, including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor who are elected to the positions by the elected councillors. 

You can view candidates for the MidCoast Council area by visiting the Vote NSW website, and selecting Local Government Area Councillor Candidates by Area. 

View and download a voting flyer with frequently asked questions here.(PDF, 628KB)

Where to vote:

See a list of polling venues here (including pre-poll venues)(PDF, 92KB)


If you live in the MidCoast Council Local Government Area visit www.elections.nsw.gov.au or phone 1300 135 736 to check your enrolment details or to obtain an enrolment form. You can also pick up a resident enrolment form at any Post Office.

Election2017.pngLive outside the area?:

Applications for inclusion on the Non Residential Roll have now closed.

Away on election day?:

If you've got a trip planned or you'll be outside the MidCoast area on Election Day, you should apply for a postal vote or attend a pre-poll voting centre before you leave, as there is no option for absentee voting. Pre-poll voting locations are provided on the link above, or visit the VoteNSW website for more information.


Countdown to election day:

To help you stay updated in the lead-up to 9 September, here's an Election Calendar(PDF, 186KB) showing important dates and deadlines, prepared by the NSW Electoral Commission.

More information about the role of our councillors can be found in the Candidate information pack in the section below.

Information for prospective candidates

Council elections will be held for merged councils on Saturday 9 September, so if you've ever thought about running for Councillor, now's the time to find out if you have what it takes.

Who's eligible to become a councillor? What level of time commitment does it require? What decisions will they be involved in making? And what experience is necessary? These are some of the questions you'll be able to ask by coming along to one of our Councillor Candidate Information sessions. The sessions have been designed to outline the roles and responsibilities of MidCoast Council's first ever elected council, with a focus on the 10,000 square kilometres that is home to our community of over 90,000 people.

Unlike the three former councils, MidCoast Council's newly elected councillors will be tasked with:

  • Managing a $210million per annum business
  • Developing and implementing strategies to sustain and grow the region's economy
  • Representing almost 200 distinct localities and their diverse communities
  • Maintaining a 3,229km road network, and 542 bridges
  • Managing and maintaining 792 public buildings
  • Representing the region's 10,000 local businesses
  • Preserving our natural environment
  • Sustaining 3,000 hectares of parks and open spaces
  • Delivering community services that include 11 libraries, 30 cemeteries, 8 chlorinated pools, 1,337 public litter bins, 86 playgrounds and 26 sporting complexes

And that's just to start with!

Candidate information pack:

We've prepared an Information Booklet(PDF, 766KB) which summarises the key issues you need to be aware of if you wish to nominate as a candidate. Information includes the process of nominating, Council Meetings, the role of elected members, conduct etc. Additional information will be provided in the Candidate Information sessions.   

Election signage:

We know that as a candidate, you'll want to promote yourself in the lead-up to the election. Please be aware that there are rules and requirements that regulate what you can and can't do regarding election campaign signage. Please review the Policy that outlines these requirements(PDF, 204KB).

  • Election Candidate Signage Application Form

Countdown to election day:

To help you stay updated in the lead-up to 9 September, here's an Election Calendar(PDF, 186KB) showing important dates and deadlines, prepared by the NSW Electoral Commission. For more information about the election and the candidate registration process visit the Electoral Commission NSW website.

And for those of you who aren't thinking of standing, now's the time to think about who will best represent our region, the traits and experiences that would make a great councillor, before you head to the polls on 9 September.