Principles of Vibrant Spaces


Vibrant Spaces means you will not need a lease from Council to use the footpath – you just need some innovative thinking and common sense.

Think about how you can welcome people to the street and encourage them to linger. Have a comfortable armchair, some quirky art, pot plants, a game for kids to play or popular magazines. Encourage busking or have your morning coffee in front of your shop. There are three easy steps for shop owners:

1. Common sense approach

We want “common sense” thinking to prevail. When placing anything on the footpath remember this is a community space. Consider the needs of the youngest child, people with limited abilities and our oldest citizen – can they still use the path safely, get to their car, post the mail, wait for the bus or cross the road? Is everyone safe? Look up and make sure people won’t hit their heads and that everything is secure during strong winds and put away at night.

2. Cooperation and collaboration

Work together with neighbouring businesses to attract people to our streets and stay a little longer. You know best how to attract customers, so expand those ideas onto the street. Through cooperation, you can create exciting places. For example, a clothing shop can benefit from having outdoor dining extended over the footpath from the neighbouring cafe. Many great shopping purchases can be made while waiting for a coffee to arrive.

3. Be responsible for the footpath

You will be the first stop for people with compliments and criticism. Take on board what people say, listen to concerns and make changes - especially when safety and access is raised.

You will also need to have a chat with your insurer. Your public liability insurance will need to cover the use of the footpath (a minimum of $20 million liability). Remember that while we encourage activity on the footpaths there is still legislation that needs to be complied with, for example liquor licensing and food licensing.