Heavy Vehicles

B double Routes

B Double routes in the MidNorth Coast are approved by Roads & Maritime Services (RMS). You can find maps and approved road lists here.

Restricted Access Vehicles are:
  • B-Doubles including 19m B-Doubles operating at full axel loads i.e. 55.5 tonnes
  • 23 metre B-Doubles
  • 25/26 metre B-Doubles
  • 4.5 metre High Vehicles
  • Road Trains
How RAV Routes are determined

Each council is responsible for deciding whether large freight vehicles are allowed to operate on their local roads. A determination of a RAV route involves:

  • An assessment of the proposed route for the specific vehicle
  • A community consultation process
  • RMS and Council approval

For more information and the map of the approved B Double routes, visit the RMS Restricted Access Vehicles web page.

Load Limits

Gloucester Region:

 Bridge No.   Bridge Name   Road & Location   Load Limit   By Track Available 
104 Callaghan's

 10.9km on Callaghans Creek Road  

 Closed Yes
 239  Geale's

 31km on Scone Road

Closed Yes
141 Fairbairn's 

1.6km on Fairbairn's Road

 5 Tonne Yes
 18   Avon River Bridge  

 2.4km on Jacks Road

15 Tonne


Manning Region:

  Bridge No.     Bridge Name     Road Name     Load Limit     Speed Limit (kph)     Detour  
1099  Ashlea  Wherrol Flat 

  40T - GVM - Art. Veh.  

18T - Rigid Veh.

 40  None available 
1096    Dollys Flat Road Bridge No. 2   Dollys Flat 

18T Axel

 None available  
  Christies Lane 

  Christies Lane 


Great Lakes Region:

Awaiting information.