Doing Business With Us


Tenders, Quotations & Expressions of Interest

TenderLink is an online tendering system used by Council. TenderLink allows tenderers to download tender documentation and upload tenders for submission to Council in a simple, cost-free process.

Tenderers must first register with TenderLink.

We currently operate three TenderLink portals. Two are based on our pre-merger regions, as well as a new MidCoast-wide portal. Our pre-merger portals will be phased out shortly.

Click here for the MidCoast region TenderLink portal

Click here for the Great Lakes region TenderLink portal

Click here for the Manning region TenderLink portal

We have a formal tendering policy that governs the way we formally tender for goods and services.

In addition to the internal Tendering Policy, all tendering in NSW Local Government is governed by the NSW Local Government Act 1993, Section 55 and the NSW Local Government (General) Regulation 2005, Part 7.

All new tenders are advertised in a local newspaper as well as a Sydney metropolitan newspaper. A notice of each tender is also placed on the Tenderlink website.

Current opportunities

The following tenders and RFQ's are currently open:

Design and Construction of Bulga Creek Bridge and Bobin Creek Bridge (closing 3pm, Thursday 23 November 2017)

We are seeking submissions from suitably qualified and experienced companies to undertake the design and construction of Bulga Creek Bridge and Bobin Creek Bridge.

Interested parties are required to register via the MidCoast Council e-tendering web portal at to download the tender documents at no charge.

A compulsory pre-tender meeting will be conducted at Bobin Hall, Bulga Road, Bobin, commencing at 11am on Wednesday 1 November.

If you experience difficulties accessing the above website or with the registration process, please call the Tenderlink helpdesk on 1800 233 533. Communication relating to clarification of tender documents shall be made only through the Tenderlink portal.

Current Contracts

In accordance with the Government Information Public Access Act (GIPA), Council is required to keep a register of government contracts worth $150,000 or more between agencies and private sector bodies. 

Information for recently awarded contracts can be found in our Government Contracts Register. 

Statement of Business Ethics

In addition to the Tendering Policy, Council has adopted a Statement of Business Ethics . The Statement provides guidance for all organisations when doing business with Council. It outlines the Council’s ethical standards and our expectation that goods and service providers and contractors will comply with these standards in all their dealings with us. The Statement also outlines what providers and contractors can expect of the Council.

Our Tendering Policy and the Statement of Business Ethics are designed to be consistent with our obligations under the Local Government Act 1993 and related regulations. Our staff is expected to maintain high standards of integrity and ethical conduct, consistent with the positions of trust they hold and we expect no less of the service providers and contractors that undertake work for us.

The Statement is designed to ensure that business relationships between service providers and contractors are fair and productive for all.