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Important things you need to know about how MidCoast Council interacts with businesses in this area.

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Commercial Waste Services

MidCoast Council is happy to provide your business with a commercial waste collection service which includes a 240 litre red lid bin and 240 litre yellow lid recycling bin.

In most CBD areas, both bins are collected weekly. In other areas, the recycling collection is fortnightly. Additional bins and collections can be arranged if required.

Bulk skip bin services are also available from approved contractors:

  • JR  Richards & Sons - Tuncurry - Tel. (02) 6555 7007

  • Taree Recycling Centre - Taree South - Tel. (02) 6551 3394

  • Transpacific Cleanaway - Tel. (02) 4920 1455

If you require information regarding your specific needs, contact Our Waste Management Team.

Filming Permits

Application process

All applications must be submitted on the Filming Application form(PDF, 688KB) , with a copy of your Public Liability Insurance certificate of currency. Applications should be submitted 4-6 weeks prior to your shoot, or 12 weeks prior to your shoot if road closures are required.

Once your application is received, you will be provided with a quote for fees based on the requirements of your shoot and what Council resources are required. Your application will be assessed by relevant Council Officers, and an approval issued upon completion of this assessment and full payment of fees.

Traffic control, equipment and structures

If your shoot requires large equipment and machinery, or road closures, you will need to submit a traffic management plan with your application. Proposed road closures, partial or full, will be assessed and approved by our Traffic Committee.

You will also need to tell us if your shoot requires any temporary structures, or extended on-street parking, so that relevant approvals can be made.

Other approvals

If your shoot involves road closures, use of firearms and explosives, police uniforms or any other law enforcement-related props you will need to contact NSW Police for approval.

Notify the neighbours

Depending on the nature of your shoot, you may be asked to notify neighbours (business/residential) via a letter box drop of your filming plans prior to shooting. 

Food Businesses

Purchasing an existing food business

If you are planning to buy a food business we recommend a Pre-purchase Inspection Report.

Contact us to organise an inspection.

Opening a new food business or renovating/upgrading a food business

If you want to build or fit out a new food business contact us for advice before you start any work. 

If you are planning significant renovations to your food premises make sure you are allowed to do so before starting work. Significant renovations include:

  • Upgrading or replacing fixtures and fittings within a food preparation area
  • Extending a food preparation area.
Do I need approval?

If you want to open a new food business, you must submit a development application or an application for a complying development certificate before you start any work.

For more information about getting approval see:

For further information
  • All owners of food businesses must give their food business details to the NSW Food Authority.

Temporary Food Stalls

Temporary Food Stalls

You will need to supply Council with a notification for a temporary food stall form.

Stall set-up and design must comply with NSW Guidelines for Temporary Food EventsOpen this document with ReadSpeaker docReader, and you will need to attach a drawn plan of the stall and specify how food products & preparation will be protected.

Any food handlers must have appropriate training skills and knowledge in food safety as required. You will need to supply us with copies of the relevant certification with the completed form.

Completed forms should be submitted at a MidCoast Council office or emailed to

Using Council facilities for commercial purposes

If you wish to conduct your business from public land you will need to enter into a licence agreement with Council. 

Some examples when a licence is needed are:

  • Fitness Groups
  • Surf Schools
  • Stand-up Paddle Boards
  • Any activity where you are deriving an income from the use of public space or assets. 

To assist staff when assessing your request it is recommended you supply as much information as possible on your proposed activities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Type of activity
  • Foreshore area to be used as a base to set up / set down
  • Hours of operation
  • Days of operation
  • Qualifications
  • Level on public liability insurance
  • Class sizes
  • Are you in competition with another operator
  • Equipment used
  • Does the equipment have workcover / safety Certificates?

Please visit our page on holding an event on Council facilities